Creating a Good Video Requires Connection

High-Value video requires a balance of fantastic production and an inherent connection with the audience

August 27, 2021

How to establish a connection with your audience

When it comes to communication, particularly with a modern audience, connection becomes key. No piece of media exists in a vacuum; stories are created to be told, advertisements and marketing rely upon making it clear to their audience that the advert in question holds the solution to their problems, and anyone making a documentary must believe that their content will connect with the viewer. 

However, a genuine connection with your audience can be difficult to achieve. Visual communication, such as a video, is designed to convey information efficiently (often in a very limited timeframe) and with meaning; evoking emotions and providing strong examples for the message being delivered. This can be challenging when reckoning with an audience’s limited attention span or if the message being conveyed is complex. 

Therefore, when it comes to how best to establish a connection with an audience through a video, there are two very important factors to consider:

Audience Targeting and Exclusivity

Know the audience

A video is designed to be watched; a good video is designed to be watched by a specific audience. It is cliché to say that “you cannot please everyone”, but an effective creator of content will know the benefits of defining the audience that the content is intended for. TBD Media Group creates content for a B2B audience and thus can ensure its videos are well-made to appeal to that sphere.

Provide an exclusive experience

Exclusivity is a selling point across industries; limited supply of a product will often drive sales and bring recognition to the brand providing it as a purveyor of an exclusive item. Similarly, companies across media have both celebrated and sought after “the scoop” for decades, determined to be the first to reveal the next piece of sensational news or exclusive content. With the rise of social media and the 24/7 news cycle, the scoop has become both much less relevant and significantly less attainable. However, when creating a piece of video content, it is important that the story being told is unique

TBD Media Group’s award-winning documentary, “I Am Terry”, is a story that could not be as well-told in another way. Ostensibly an account of the development of Aqua Running International’s wearable technology hydro suit and how the suit has proved ideal for users of all walks of life. However, this documentary would not connect to the audience without the incredibly frank and personal account of Terry Nelson; Terry’s story – often told directly to the camera – evokes empathy from the viewer and draws their attention for the duration of the video.

This video gives its audience an account of Terry Nelson’s life and commitment that they cannot find elsewhere, and thus ensures exclusivity

Connection comes from authenticity

When it comes to communication, particularly in video content, it is important to remember that an audience should want to watch. Connection comes from authenticity and is attainable through careful evaluation of what will resonate with the audience. A good video will be created with this authenticity kept in consideration; avoiding empty jargon or exercises in branding that do not reflect what draws the audience to the content to begin with. Connection is difficult to achieve, but any good video will strive to make it look effortless.

Tim Keogh