Different Perspectives, Same Vision: How Diversity can spark Creativity in Film-Making

How diversity can improve and mold film making

September 10, 2021

Diversity is today's buzzword in the business world. Studies show that a diverse workforce can increase productivity and creativity. Find out how diversity sparks new ideas and creativity, and how the TBD production team in Berlin is leading by example. 

As the world is getting more connected, society grows closer together and becomes more diverse than ever before. In the beginning of 2020, 23 million people living in the EU were non-European citizens. But not only nationality, ethnicity, and race play an important role in diversity.

At the moment 51% of Europe’s population is female, with 67.3% of them being employed at a working age. So diversity at the workplace is not only some publicity stunt by large companies, it is a must.

Despite a need due to demographic changes, a diverse team brings many benefits to companies and teams, especially when it comes to creativity. 

Why go diverse?

A study conducted by the McKinsey & Company management consulting firm showed that companies that hire a diverse staff are financially more successful. Companies in the top quartile of ethnicity, gender and both combined perform better financially by 15 to 35%, compared to the bottom quartile. 

The reasons for diverse teams’ successes are plenty. At McKinsey, the belief is that more diverse companies are able to attract more talent, improve their customer orientation, employee satisfaction as well as decision making.     

Also, according to the Harvard Business Review, diversity increases productivity. While there is research that likes to differ, it rings true for certain industries in countries where diversity is widely accepted, where companies with a stronger balance of gender and ethnicities get more work done than their non-diverse peers. The reason for this is higher motivation and a more relaxed work environment for everybody to develop and strive.     

Another study funded by the HBR showed that a diverse workforce leads to more innovation and creativity. A variety of cultural, ethnical, racial or gender backgrounds can give different viewpoints and improve on new ideas and out-of-the-box-thinking.

How diversity improves the TBD Berlin productions

Of course, this only works if leaders and seniors in companies and teams encourage diversity. Only then does the staff feel motivated and safe to work to their full potential.

This is how we operate at the TBD Media production team in Berlin, Germany. As of 2021, the production team consists of fourteen people, with a balance of seven women and seven men. In addition, the team consists of six different nations from all over Europe, and even Northern Africa. 

Due to our different backgrounds in film-making, writing and more, everybody is free to voice their opinions and ideas to improve on our content. 

Another advantage due to our diversity, is that we have a precise understanding of our various clients and the industries we cover in our films. This way, the TBD production team Berlin is not only a place of diversity and creativity, but also has the wide ranging knowledge to basically cover any topic.

Manuel Schellhardt